This report describes some of the work we have done over the past year to improve opportunities for our service users to change their lives.

We have developed new services to support a wider range of people and have worked in partnership with our service users and others to improve the quality of what we do. We have also explored new ways of working to increase the accessibility and effectiveness of our services.

Every day we are privileged to work alongside service users who inspire and motivate us to do our best. Our service users’ experiences and insights help us design and deliver services that work and that provide genuine opportunities for people to change their lives.

We care about each and every one of our service users and are passionate about supporting them to achieve their goals. We believe everyone deserves the chance to achieve their potential and we are committed to working alongside people throughout their journey with us.

Below, some of our service users tell their personal stories. Their powerful testimonies demonstrate that positive change and recovery is not only possible but achievable. They have shown such determination and courage and their achievements are the reason we do what we do.

Carl’s story

Carl used heroin and crack for seventeen years and nearly lost everything. In this video he talks about the amazing changes he has made to his life.

what's changed

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  • Every Life Matters

    Every Life Matters

    We are determined to help reduce drug-related deaths.

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  • Digital innovation

    Digital innovation

    Using new technology to help people access treatment faster.

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  • Protecting children and adults at risk

    Protecting children and adults at risk

    Putting safeguarding at the heart of everything we do.

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  • Saving lives with naloxone

    Saving lives with naloxone

    Making sure this life-saving medication is available to all.

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Changes in practice

  • Reducing hep C infections

    Reducing hep C infections

    Supporting people who inject drugs to improve their health.

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  • A proactive approach to fentanyls

    A proactive approach to fentanyls

    Meeting the challenge of increased fentanyl use.

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  • Reducing missed appointments

    Reducing missed appointments

    Supporting people to achieve their treatment goals.

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helping more people grow

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  • Early years and family support

    Early years and family support

    Improving health, wellbeing and life opportunities for families and young people.

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  • Redesigning prison recovery services

    Redesigning prison recovery services

    Helping people in recovery thrive and achieve their full potential.

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  • Managing medication dependence

    Managing medication dependence

    Helping people withdraw safely from prescribed medication

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  • Screening for lung disease

    Screening for lung disease

    Improving the respiratory health of people who use drugs and/or alcohol.

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Growing our impact

  • Supporting young people to stay safe

    Supporting young people to stay safe

    A new approach to helping young people with risky behaviour.

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  • Stop smoking support in pregnancy

    Stop smoking support in pregnancy

    Helping pregnant women in Newcastle reduce their risk of smoking-related illness.

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  • Reducing domestic abuse in East Sussex

    Reducing domestic abuse in East Sussex

    Supporting health service staff to meet the needs of people experiencing domestic abuse.

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lives we've changed

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Our year in numbers

  • Recovery Journey

    211,000 people across England, Scotland and Wales received support on their recovery journey.

  • Alcohol Treatment

    24,679 adults undertook a treatment programme for alcohol dependency.

  • Young People

    28,600 young people received advice and support via our young people’s services in the community.

  • Mental Health

    We supported 13,651 people with a mental health condition.

  • Family Services

    679 new families accessed our family services.

  • Beat Addiction

    17,658 people beat their addiction with the help of one of our services.

The differences we've made to lives and communities

  • Jo's story

    Jo's story

    In this short film, Jo talks about drinking to oblivion after the tragic death of her partner. She then describes the positive experience of getting help from her local alcohol service and attending the women's group there.

  • Mark's story*

    Mark's story*

    Mark* talks about his positive experience of getting tested and treated for hepatitis C.

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  • Sarah's story

    Sarah's story

    Since coming to Change Grow Live as a service user Sarah has turned her life around and is now volunteering as a peer mentor.

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  • Sean's story

    Sean's story

    Sean hit rock bottom when he was arrested for being drunk in charge of a child. He has since transformed his life and has now been free of drugs and alcohol for 19 months.

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  • Joanne's story

    Joanne's story

    Joanne was mentally broken when she finally asked for help. She is now working at her local Change Grow Live service helping others.

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  • Dean's story

    Dean's story

    Dean was alcohol dependent from the age of 17. He now runs several men’s groups at our Bromley service and has gained a new sense of focus.

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Looking forward

Mark Moody

Thank you for reading about what Change Grow Live has been doing over the past year to better support the many thousands of people who come to our services to change their lives.

We are passionate about our work and proud to claim that what we do is a vocation not a job. Our work is about challenging social injustice and the many and diverse factors in our society which impact upon people’s health and quality of life. We believe everyone has the potential to change and improve their lives and are committed to empowering service users to achieve their ambitions.

Ours is a people business and we strive to ensure that all our staff, volunteers and partners are similarly inspired and motivated to give service users the best possible chance to change their lives.

As we continue to grow as an organisation we strive always to remain true to our values and ensure that expansion does not undermine either our local focus or our ability to respond swiftly and effectively to the changing circumstances of the lives of those we seek to help. Our focus is always on the service user as the reason we are here and why we do what we do.

Our determination to be driven by our values is evidenced by the way we continually involve our service users and volunteers at the heart of our organisation. We are truly committed to ensuring diverse voices and experiences are heard and respected within Change Grow Live and that the people we serve work with us to identify what they need to help them move forward.

Like many organisations in our sector, we are looking at ways in which we can improve quality and efficiency. You have read here how digital processes are playing a part in helping us achieve this. However, we will always prioritise and enable the one-to-one therapeutic relationships that generate lasting change and are one of the core reasons what we do works.

Above all, our work is about partnership – such as the nurturing and supportive relationships we seek to build with our service users – and the pursuit of mutual goals in collaboration with the many colleagues we work alongside. We do not work in isolation but always together with others to meet the breadth and complexity of individuals’ needs.

Sharing, collaborating and developing effective partnerships will remain high on our agenda as we face an uncertain future and wherever possible we will work with others to share knowledge, exchange ideas and inspire and support each other to meet the challenges ahead.

Mark Moody, Chief Executive